love your candles and they will love you back.

our wooden wick candles are made with a soft crackle, raw wood wick. hand-poured with a coconut/soy/beeswax blend that's free of dyes, phthalates and paraffins. 

to get the most out of your Rooted In candle, we suggest:


1. trimming your wick regularly.

a clean, trimmed wick ensures a clean burn that will last in ideal condition. we suggest trimming to 3/16" (5 mm) before burning every time. 

how to trim your wooden wick

∙ blow out the candle.

∙ let the wax cool + harden for about 30 minutes.

∙ trim the wick and toss the excess!

∙ re-light and repeat.


2. burning safely.

always burn your candle within sight and away from drafts, or anything that can catch fire. keep away from children + pets. keep your wax pool free of debris, like wick trimmings. do not burn longer than four hours at a time.


3. stop burning, toss and replace when only 1/2" unmelted wax remains.


4. time for a new candle!