Hello, Candle Lover. We're so thrilled you're here.

Meet our fearless leader, fragrance maven, boundless creator.

Jen Trammell began on a quiet, therapeutic mission to grow “something from nothing," creating her signature scents in her home starting in late 2018. Her first Rooted In Candle line was introduced in early 2019  made naturally with love, inspired by our heartland in the West Coast. 
What started as an "obsessive candle quest" blossomed into a community that's more than just fragrances  a community bound by love, intention, wellness and a little wanderlust. We share stories and grow our roots throughout our life. And if we lose our footing, what’s often revealed is both the strong and weak hold structures that keep us together.
This is the heart of Rooted In — being firmly planted and established in what matters to you. 

What are you deeply Rooted In? You are a treasure and you matter.

Shine on, candle lover.